The Rosegold Saloon
A refreshed cocktail bar and restaurant located on the Westside of Los Angeles, formerly known as the S.F. Saloon. We provide top-tier cocktails, upscale food menu and a fine selection of beers from around the world. Our unique restaurant bar combination is symbolic of 1980's "fern bars" that are designed and decorated encourage a social atmosphere among patrons.

Today we serve top quality drinks in warm and chic interior great for meeting coworkers, celebrating, or just having some laughs after work. We welcome you to pull up a stool at our 40 foot bar, try some of our incredible dishes and hang around as for dj's and themed evening here at The Rosegold Saloon.
Formerly know as The S.F. Saloon, a local eatery and sports pub dating back to the early 1970's. Our relationship was built off the original framework, but the values still hold today. The Rosegold Saloon continues the legacy by providing a friendly local bar to create memories with friendly local people.
The pen and ink illustration above is representative of early "fern bars" and depicts a group of bar patrons enjoying cocktail hour. This relic was found inside the original S.F. Saloon and served as primary inspiration for the revamped Rosegold Saloon.

- Brennan 1978
The Rosegold Saloon
11501 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Current Hours of Operation:
Tuesday thru Saturday
Open from 5PM until 2AM
Please reach our for any questions.
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